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Expert In External Extremity Prosthetic Care

we understand what is important to you.

To be able to do the things you want to do - walk, work, and play - your Prosthesis must be COMFORTABLE, not hurt, and STABLE, connected to your limb in a manner that feels like a part of you!

we are here to help.

Jan Stokosa listens to amputees of all ages and abilities and encourages them not to settle for less than a well-fitting, comfortable prosthesis. His philosophy and practice are why patients like elite athletes, military veterans, children to retirees from all walks of life, travel across the country to see him.


"You may want to talk about your particular situation to see if there is some improvement possible. You may call and I’ll listen and/or answer any questions you have. I have experience with people of all ages and all levels of activity: from 2 to 94, and from simply wanting to walk to international competitive athletes."
-Jan Stokosa, CP, FAAOP

step-wise refinment

Our emphasis is to first establish the most important aspect in prosthetic fitting - comfort and stability in designing the socket. We then proceed to mobility - walking with ease and efficiency. This is accomplished by having patients walk test several different foot, ankle, knee, hip component elements to determine which provide the most comfortable, energy efficient, dynamic walk. We then proceed to any and all higher level activities to develop the appropriate foot, ankle, knee etc. component elements to maximize performance in your specific activities. 


Jan Stokosa has been named one of

Crain's 2020 Health Care Heroes!

meet the team

Jan Stokosa, CP, FAAOP

I want to make the maximum contribution to the QUALITY of LIFE of each amputee I care for.

[Named Crain's Health Care Hero 2020]


Fran Starzec, CP

I enjoy being part of a team with the goal of making the maximum contribution to the lives of people who require external extremity prostheses. 



We'd love to talk with you! We accept most all insurances. You might be in a closed network; if that’s the case, there are ways to get your insurance to allow you to be treated here. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions.


“My experience with everyone at the clinic encouraged me to go on with my life - something that I did not think was possible. I have been able to resume the activities that I enjoyed prior to my amputation, as well as participate in many new ones.”


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