Stokosa Prosthetic Clinic offers complete prosthetic care. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation. We listen to your needs and what you want to accomplish. Together, we create a plan to achieve your goals

Prosthetic fitting has seen a tremendous evolution - from the 1950’s wood, rawhide, leather straps, and buckles to today’s flexible, elastic, plastic, carbon fiber, silicone, urethane, hypobaric, suction, vacuum suspensions, microprocessor knees and ankles, etc.

The fitting of the socket of the prosthesis is the most important element in the ability of the amputee to be functional. The more comfortable and stable the amputee feels upon weight-bearing in the socket, the more active she/he can be - from simple walking to the more demanding activities involving running, jumping, bicycling, carrying heavy objects, etc.

Keeping in mind that the most important aspect of prosthetic fitting is the comfort and stability afforded by the prosthesis socket, our emphasis is to first establish comfort and stability in designing the socket.

Once we achieve comfort and stability, we then proceed to mobility - walking with ease and efficiency. This is accomplished by having you walk test several different foot, ankle, and in the case of higher level amputations, knee and hip component elements to determine which provide you with the most comfortable, energy efficient dynamic walk.

We then proceed to any and all higher level activities to develop the appropriate foot, ankle, knee component elements to maximize performance in your specific activity/s. This could require a set of different foot, ankle, knee component elements that function more effectively for a particular activity or sport.

With comfort, stability and function successfully achieved we address the external appearance of your prosthesis. The options are many, including symmetrical anatomic shaping with synthetic skin, color-matched to you, or exposed components representing a high-tech look, decorative sockets, etc.




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