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Call or email us and we will be happy to set up a consultation to discuss what we can do for you. Mr. Stokosa will speak with you initially if you prefer to talk before scheduling an appointment. Consultation fee is waived if you choose to move forward and we fit you with a prosthesis. Yes, we will work with your existing prosthesis. You can view more FAQs including what insurances we accept here.

During your initial evaluation we delve deeply into each aspect of the “What Is Possible” formula - the foundation for achieving the most successful outcome. Together we are able to develop a clear understanding of what you want to do that you cannot do.

We then communicate with your physician/surgeon/physical therapist, and any and all other people you want involved. Together we create a prosthetic treatment plan for you.

Each person is unique, each with lives interrupted by adversity. What is possible after that is primarily up to you. We are here to help you regain maximum function in activities in which you want to participate.

View the details + videos on our "step-wise refinement" fitting process.

(517) 349-3130


What we value: 

  • One-on-one care - we are a small office, patients will always be seen by the same prosthetist; and there are no prompts to go through when calling. 

  • Service first, pay later (we focus on serving patients first and foremost).

  • Dialogue between the amputee & prosthetist - patients must be able to communicate to the prosthetist and the prosthetist must listen. This is critical!

  • Patient amputee surgeon relationship.

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