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steve woodman

lab technician

I started as a patient at Stokosa Prosthetic Clinic in 1995. I lost my left hand in a forging hammer in October of 1994. My attorney told me about Jan Stokosa when I asked where I could get the best care. Jan and Fran advised me to see Dr. Ertle in Indianapolis for reconstructive surgery – it was the best thing for me. Back at Stokosa Clinic I was fit with both body-power and myoelectric arms.

In 1998 I was retrained in asbestos removal. I started as a laborer and moved up to Job Supervisor. If it wasn’t for Jan and Fran, building my prostheses very strong and durable, I would never have been able to do specialty demolition.

In 2014 I started working part time at Stokosa Clinic, cleaning and doing odd jobs and working in the lab. I’ve always had an interest in the making of my prostheses.

My other interests are tropical plants, college football, craft beer, and spending time with my grandsons and my dog, Max.

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