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I have been an amputee for almost 40 years. The First Prosthetic Leg I had was a wooden apparatus made in what resembled a tool shop. The Shop was far from a clinical facility and the craftsman was far from an innovator. The leg was heavy and awkward and uncomfortable. I would only wear it when I needed mobility and still had difficulty walking without suffering sores from improper fit which caused me to have a visible imp. After approximately 6-10 months of trying to make it work, I discovered Jan Stokosa quite accidentally… mother read an article in Readers Digest which described his technique of developing a prosthesis using an actual mold of the patient’s stump to ensure a more accurate fit and thus a more comfortable prosthesis.

I worked with Jan and his team at The Institute for the Advancement of Prosthetics for the first several years of my rehabilitation. Jan is a craftsman with perfection uppermost in his process. When the IAP was purchased by a national firm and Jan was no longer there, I continued going to IAP for my evolving needs. It soon became apparent that the personal touch from the now “corporate” environment was missing. The technology was static and not state of the art. Although many of the staff people who remained even with Jan’s departure, were excellent….the processes that were implemented made my recovery and growth much more difficult. I developed sores and tired easily and could only wear my prosthesis for limited hours of the day.

Years later, when I learned that Jan had opened the Stokosa Clinic I was elated. I immediately contacted him and began working with him once again. This was approximately 9 years ago. Since then my progress has been exponentially faster and stronger th an all the years in between. I can now wear my prosthesis 16 hours each day without adjustment, discomfort, sores, abrasions, etc. Absolutely none!

Jan takes the time with me during each annual visit to inspect the fit of the leg to any changes my body may have experienced during the time between visits Fit is of the utmost importance as any amputee can attest. This very personal involvement with each patient for as long as it takes is one fo the things that sets Jan and the clinic apart from any other. During my years without Jan….each visit might involve a new clinician who may or may not have been familiar with my circumstance. Jan was developed his team to an outstanding level of expertise and to have the same level of customers commitment as he does. They spend the better part of a day or multiple days each year to make sure my fit is as perfect as possible and when I need supplies or advice they are extremely responsive.

I am a very active guy and am using my prostheses to the limit. Jan makes sure I have the very latest technology to fit my needs and my budget. I couldn’t be happier that I found him after so many years with other more corporate organizations. I tell him every once in a while “Thank you for Saving My Life!”

Tom J.
North Carolina

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