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former semi-pro

football player.

Randy, former semi-pro football player, transtibial amputee with other knee degeneration and pain, along with lower back pain is getting relief from the revolutionary BiOM Ankle - the only integrated ankle in the world that does not depend on the wearer’s energy. 

For the first time, a robotic ankle component is driving the human, instead of the other way around!


By using robotics technology we are able to replicate the calf muscles and Achilles tendon of the human foot/ankle complex to give the lower extremity amputee the most energy efficient natural walk; the BiOM Ankle feels and functions like no other mechanical prosthetic foot/ankle. With each step, the BiOM provides a powered push-off which propels the wearer forward. It is that robotic effort that enables the BiOM to normalize both the gait and metabolic demands to that very similar of non-amputees.

It is imperative that the socket of the prosthesis be designed and fit to provide comfort and stability. It is then, that the lower extremity amputee can greatly benefit from the BiOM Ankle. A proper fitting socket, combined with the BiOM ankle is the only integrated prosthesis in the world that does not depend on the wearer’s energy. 

Powered plantar flexion is the transformation point where External Limb Prosthetics become bionic. The BiOM is the only device in commercial production that achieves bionic functionality where robotics effectively emulate natural movement.


​BiOM Resolves the Three Clinical Issues of Amputees
There are three clinical challenges facing people with Lower Extremity Amputations that limit their mobility:
1) They use more energy to walk, so they are more tired at the end of the day.
2) They walk slower.
3) They feel less stable on their feet.

BiOM powered walking resolves all three issues:
1) Walk with natural energy.
The BiOM robotic muscle power during toe-off requires less energy and walks with greater ease. The Mobility with the BiOM requires the same metabolic energy used by non-amputees.
2) Smooth, natural gait at varied cadence.
The BiOM provides more power when you walk faster – less when you walk slower. It delivers a natural gait at variable speeds like other prostheses have never been able to achieve.

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