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“My Experience With The Stokosa Prosthetic Clinic”


I first came to Jan Stokosa in the early 1980s. I was [previously] trapped in a cycle, all too familiar for “difficult to fit” amputees - get a new leg, walk in pain for several months, develop sore/infections, use crutches for another couple months, and then start over with another leg. I worked with three different providers over years. None were able to change this cycle. Apparently three 45-minute visits are not sufficient. 


My first fitting with Jan was a completely different experience from the start. He asked for my goals for the new leg. By this time, I just wanted the pain to stop. Jan explained that not hurting was a minimum expectation. 


He was right. 


My new leg was such an improvement; friends could see it in my facial expression. Able to ambulate again, I endeavored to learn to windsurf. For many years Jan and Fran improved my abilities with new materials, and components, always with better function and comfort being top of mind. I would ask. He would answer. 


I am now able to windsurf, snowboard, cycle, and hike limited only by my fitness level, not he leg. 


Recently Jan reached out and has fit me with a completely new technology. He did not offer this until he was convinced it had been developed enough to bump my expectations up again. 


He was right. 

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