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Stokosa Prosthetics, under the leadership of Jan Stokosa, is unquestionably among the most - if the THE most - technologically advanced prosthetics firm in the U.S. I have been a BK amputee for over 50 years, since the age of 11.


Until I was able to find and utilize Jan’s expertise in my mid twenties, I suffered for over 12 years with ill-fitting prostheses, assuming that was simply the situation I would have to learn to live with. These early prostheses would allow me to ‘walk,’ such as it was, but only with extreme effort and instability, and the usual accompanying sores on my residual limb. 


Any additional sports-related activities were almost out of the question (although I tried!) due to the fear of losing my prosthesis by having it slip off or jam my knee cap. I will also add that the surgical techniques done to amputate my leg in 1969 were such that I was left with virtually no residual limb which could accommodate a prosthetic device. 


Jan Stokosa’s expert fitting of my prostheses over the years, on an extremely hard-to-fit limb, literally changed my life. I have been able to maintain a career requiring constant walking on Capitol Hill, as well as enjoy a wide variety of activities: e.g. yoga, Pilates, biking, tennis, horseback riding, and the like, as well as the usual long walks I take daily with my dog. None of this would be possible without Stokosa Prosthetics and Jan’s artistry and prosthetic fitting expertise.


This serves as a personal testimonial, both to the life-altering health benefits and the overall value to the U.S. health system which Jan Stokosa brings to the prosthetics industry. As well, Stokosa Prosthetics exemplifies the importance of adequate training and continuing education needed to ensure a competent and ongoing workforce coming into the prosthetics industry in the future. 

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