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mary gillis stokosa


We purchase a vast array of materials and components in the creation of each unique prosthesis for each patient. Jan, Fran and Nick  work diligently in listening to each person and their individual needs in their daily lives and explain the approaches that best fulfill those needs. There are so many options in selecting residual-limb interface materials, foot, ankle, knee, hand components, for example, in deciding which provide the best function and are most comfortable. In this process, Jan, Fran and Nick will order several different prosthetic components to allow a patient to evaluate each and determine which provides desired comfort, stability and overall function.


My job is to handle the accounts payable, matching purchases to invoices and paying bills promptly. We value our excellent suppliers in their cooperation in this process. Together, we provide the best outcomes for our patients.

When I’m in the clinic I enjoy seeing our patients, many of whom arrive to begin their prosthetic fitting in a wheelchair – days, weeks later, walking out with a prosthesis! It is a source of great joy to me! As an artist, I appreciate the artistic talent a prosthetist and lab technician must have to help people achieve their goals of independence.

In addition to my work at the clinic I have an art studio in Lansing where I create paintings, sculptures, and things in between. You can see some of my work throughout the Clinic, paintings and sculptures. See

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