During your initial evaluation we delve deeply into each aspect of this formula - the foundation for achieving the most successful outcome. Together we are able to develop a clear understanding of what you want to do that you cannot do.

We then communicate with your physician/surgeon/physical therapist, and any and all other people you want involved. Together we create a prosthetic treatment plan for you.

For Amy, a full-time elementary school teacher, it was to complete a marathon without stopping to bandage pressure sores and blisters. 5 world records later (1/2 Marathon, Marathon, 2 Triathlon distances, Ultra Marathon), she was selected to compete in the Western States 100 Endurance Run (100 miles in 1 day!). She also successfully completed the 2012 IronMan in Kona, Hawaii.

For Todd it was going to the grocery store and making dinner for his wife who had cared for him for so long.

Each person is unique, each with lives interrupted by adversity. What is possible after that is primarily up to you. We are here to help you regain maximum function in activities in which you want to participate.


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What is Possible

What is possible? is an open question that most everyone has after they have an amputation.  I developed a formula to help understand the reality and truth about what is possible after amputation.  Each person is different and presents a unique set of challenges that must be evaluated in the context of contemporary and emerging technologies.

My formula:

Objective physical capability
Available relevant technology
Prosthetist’s ability and willingness to innovate
Amputee aspirations and will
What is possible